Put simply, a field condition changes the visibility of a field based on whether it meets the set critieria.

Field conditions can be created in the field Edit dialog, under the Conditions tab.

Unique Identifier

Any field that can be used as a condition for another field's visibility must have a unique identifier. (Hint: a keyword to uniquely identifier this field on the form, for example: field_active_termites).

Matching ALL/AT LEAST ONE condition

If you have created multiple conditions for a field, you can toggle its visibility where it must match at least one of the specified condition, or it must match all of the specified conditions.

Creating a condition

Select Conditional Field

Start by selecting another field on the form from the dropdown.

Remember, you can only select from fields which have a unique identifier.

Select Trigger

Then select a trigger for meeting this condition.

  • must match any of: The condition is met if an answer matches any of the conditional values (described below)

  • must not match any of: The condition is met if an answer does not match any of the conditional values (described below)

Select Value(s)

Finally, select the appropriate values which must be met in order for this condition to pass.

The values which appear in the dropdown will depend on the conditional field you selected before.

In this case, the condition will pass if the field "Were active termites found?" matches the value "Yes" when they are generating the report.

A simple example


Field: Were active termites found? (dropdown)

Possible answers: "Yes", "Not Found"

Unique Identifier: field_active_termites


Field: Active termites were located in the following areas (multi-select dropdown)

Unique Identifier: not set

For this example, we want to make Field 2 visible ONLY if "Yes" is answered for Field 1.

For Field 1, we must make sure it is given a unique identifier. In this case, field_active_termites

Then for Field 2, we will create a condition using Field 1.

Conditional Field: field_active_termites

Conditional Trigger: must match any of

Conditional Value: "Yes"

By doing this, Field 2 will now only display once this condition has been met while they are filling out the report. (The user will need to make sure "Yes" has been selected in order for Field 2 to appear)

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