This article gives you a generic overview of how to edit any fields on a form.

To learn about the differences of the different types of fields, please refer to this article.

The edit dialog offers a bunch of options for tweaking the visibility and layout of the field on your report and the generated PDF.

Some of these options may not be available for some types of fields.


Conditions allow you to change the visibility of this field based on whether any/all of the supplied conditions are met.

To learn how conditions work, please refer to this article.

Field Title

The field title is a generic title displayed on the report and PDF

Prefix/Suffix Labels

Prepend/Append a label to display before/after the supplied answer

Visibility Options

The visibility options determine where this field can be displayed (whether it be only on the report generator, only on the PDF, or on both, for example).

Icons will be displayed next to the field on the main Form Editor page to denote if the field has been hidden, for example.


Alter how the field looks on the generated PDF.


Example on PDF

Option 1 (separate lines)

Option 2 (inline)

Option 3 (inline, but separated)

-Gives you option to change the colour displayed behind the title

Page Break

Force a page break before or after this field on the generated PDF

Width / Spacing

Set the width of this field (allows you to display multiple fields on the same line).

Add some spacing underneath the field to separate it from the next field.

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