• Master Copy: A form which we have supplied to you

  • Edited Copy: A form which you have edited

When you add forms to your company collection, you are adding a master copy.

You may then edit our supplied master form to better suit it to your business. This is then classified as an edited copy.

Form Updates

Our team will periodically publish new versions of master forms.

You will receive a notification saying that a new form update is available.

It is up to you to enable the new master copy, otherwise you can continue to use any existing (or edited) versions.

When you enable a new master revision, the revision will NOT contain any changes you may have previously made in an edited copy.

Your previous revisions will still remain available to use, and you may edit the new master copy with any of your previous changes if you wish to do so.

When you enable a new master revision, you may use it to generate new reports for customers.

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