The Form Editor allows you to edit forms to suit your business requirements.

This article will give you a general overview of the editor layout.


The left-hand toolbox contains all of the different fields that you can drag into sections of your forms.


The navigator gives you a general overview of all the sections and fields which exist on your form.

The search box allows you to find a specific field by either its field type or the field's title

Clicking on a section allows you to view the fields within it.

Fields and sections can be reordered by dragging the item around the navigator.

Any fields which are marked in green have at least one condition set on them. Conditions are used to toggle the visibility of a field based on certain criteria (refer to this article)

By right clicking on a field or section, you will be given some actions to perform on the item, such as editing or deleting the item.

The summary tab in the navigator allows you to see all the fields which have been toggled to display in a dynamic summary section which appears at the top of your generated report PDF.

Bottom Bar

The menubar at the bottom contains buttons for previewing and saving the form.

  • Preview: Test your changes on a preview of the report generator. Useful for making sure any conditions and layout/design changes are displaying correctly

  • Save Form: Either save the form as a draft to continue editing later, or publish the changes for use on new reports.

Main Editor

The next few sub-areas cover the main portion of the editor.

Form Settings

The form settings box contains some general settings for the form, including visibility of certain elements such as appointment and weather details on the generated PDF.

You may also toggle the visibility of the cover page or display a table of contents if the form contains many sections.

Form Sections

Underneath the form settings box are each of the sections of the form. Each section can contain fields.

To edit a section, click on its title, or alternatively right click on the title to see a list of actions.

To add a new section, click on the "Add New Section" button at the bottom of the main editor, or in the navigator.

Section Fields

Fields within a section can be reordered by dragging the item around.

Click on a field to edit the item (more details on editing fields here).

Hover over a field to see a list of actions which can be performed on it.

The right-hand side of each field will contain icons and colours to denote visibility of the field.

If the field has a green bar, then the field has conditions set on it (read more about conditions here).

If it contains small icons, then these denote visibility of the field on different views (such as when generating a report, or on the generated PDF). Each of these icons can be referenced in the field's edit dialog.

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