Pest Register supplies you with master forms. These forms are system-configured.

Sometimes these forms may not contain the necessary details which your business needs to supply to your customers.

To edit your forms, navigate to Form Editor by clicking "Forms" in the left-hand navigation menu.

Select which form you would like to edit, including the version.

In the dialog which opens, click on "Edit Form".

You will now be on the Form Editor.

From here, you can manipulate any part of the form.

To learn how different parts of the form editor works, have a read of the following articles:

Once you have finished making changes to the form, click on the "Save Form" button at the bottom right.

You may optionally add in some release notes which other staff members in your company can read to understand what changes you have made.

Then, either save as a draft to continue editing later, or publish the changes for use on new reports.

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