Inventory items are useful for tracking items used within your company and prefilling invoice line items.

Inventory can be managed by going to Inventory via the navigation menu.

Then click the "Create" button at the bottom right hand side of the screen.


To make filling in your item list quicker, we've supplied some prefills in the dialog sidebar.

Suggested prefills will change as you start filling in a blank item.

By clicking on one of the prefills, some of the other item details will be populated. You can then change any of the prefilled information if something doesn't match how your business operates.

For example, in the "Name" box, if you type "termi", it will populate some prefills which match this name (shown below).

Item Overview

The main item details include information like:

  • Type: whether this item is a product or service supplied

  • Category: a lower-level category for the item. Over time, the category items will grow as new functionality is added to the system.

  • Name

  • Code: a unique item code

  • Unit Price: the price that this item would be sold for (used for prefilling on invoices)

  • Sales Account / Tax Rate: used for accounting purposes on invoices (used for prefilling)

Additional Item Details

You may add additional pieces of metadata which you can use for labelling other specific details about this item.

For example, if you are creating an insecticide item, you may add additional details about the product's concentration and active ingredients (shown below).

These details can then be used on any forms which require you to display insecticide details.

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