Changing the email address of your staff accounts is easy!

Head over to "Staff" via the left-hand navigation menu.

Select the staff member that you'd like to change the email of.

Click "Edit" at the bottom right.

When the Edit dialog opens, enter a new email address (and change any other fields as you wish).

You will be alerted underneath the email box that the current email address will remain active until the new email address has been verified.

The staff member will have 24 hours to verify the new email address (we will send them a verification email), otherwise the request will be cancelled and the current email will remain active.

Click "Save" at the bottom right when you're done.

You will be asked to verify your own password.

Their Staff dialog will automatically refresh and the new email address will be displayed as pending. Once the user verifies it, the old email address will be hidden.

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