To learn how SMS reminders work, check out this guide.

The system contains four different type of appointment reminders:

  • Client Reminders: Reminders which are sent out to clients automatically before the appointment

  • Staff Reminders: Reminders which are sent out to staff automatically before the appointment

  • Unscheduled Reminders: Remiders which are sent out to staff automatically as the estimated date of an unscheduled appointment approaches

  • Custom Reminder: Manually sending out an appointment reminder to clients

Client Reminders

Client Reminders are the most important, as they are sent out automatically to your clients before the appointment date.

Client reminders come in two flavours: Email or SMS.

Each client in your appointment can have a different set of notifications to send out.

(For example below, two clients in the one appointment can each have different emails, phone numbers, and be sent off at different specified times beforehand)

The notification sent to the client contains information relevant to the type of appointment status.

  • Unscheduled: The notification will prompt the client to contact the company and book in a timeslot

  • Unconfirmed: The notification will prompt the client to confirm the timeslot which has been assigned to them.

  • Scheduled / In Progress: The timeslot has been confirmed. This notification will alert the client of the appointment time, address, and what the job is for (as pictured below).

  • Departed For Job: The notification will alert the client that a technician from the company is on their way

  • Completed / Additional Work Required: The notification will thank the client for having work completed with the company.

Appointment Type

Learn about all the different appointment type options here.

As pictured in the red box above, the reminder can also alert the client with details for the specific appointment type.

In your appointment type settings, you can set client-friendly details which will be visible to the client on the reminder.

If you attached multiple appointment types to a single appointment, then the reminder will tell the client details for each client-friendly appointment type.

You can also specify a client reminder beforehand in your appointment type settings.

This default reminder will be applied to the client you add to your new appointment, but of course, this can be changed.

(For example, if the appointment type has a default client reminder of "1 day before", then when you create a new appointment, the client will (by default) receive a reminder 1 day before!)

Staff Reminders

Staff reminders are sent out to staff members of your appointment as the appointment date approaches.

These reminders are only sent out if the appointment status is Unconfirmed or Scheduled.

You can edit your staff reminders for your appointment in the "Staff" section.

These reminders are sent to all staff of the appointment at the designated times.

Unscheduled Reminders

Unscheduled Reminders are only sent out if the appointment is unscheduled.

These reminders are sent to any staff with administration access to the calendar.

They are used to prompt your staff to contact the client and book in a timeslot for the appointment.

Custom Reminder

A custom reminder is simply a client reminder, however it is sent out manually.

Custom Reminders are sent out via the Appointment dialog > New Message

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