Unscheduled appointments are appointments where you aren't 100% certain about an actual timeslot/date. They have an estimated date - a rough estimation of when you may want to complete it.

Any unscheduled appointments you have will appear in the right-hand sidebar.

They can be dragged onto the calendar once you are ready to assign your appointment to a specific timeslot.

The unscheduled appointments are ordered from closest to the current date you're looking at on the calendar.

When you create an unscheduled appointment, you are giving it an estimated date which you can use for reference.

In the sidebar, unscheduled appointments will appear as three different colours.

  • RED: The estimated date has passed

  • ORANGE: The estimated date is approaching and should be actioned

  • BLACK: The estimated date is still in the future and not approaching yet

Creating Unscheduled Appointments

1: Click "Create" on the scheduler

2: Select an appointment type (or skip)

3: Select a client (or skip)

4: Select a staff member (or skip)

5: In the final step, change the Status to "Unscheduled"

6: Update the estimated date of the appointment to some time close to when you might like to book this appointment in

6: Click "Create", or choose "More Options" to make other granular changes

The unscheduled appointment will now appear in your unscheduled sidebar

Unscheduled Appointment Reminder

When you create a new unscheduled appointment, you can also optionally receive a notification reminding you to book in the appointment.

After you click "More Options", tap on the "Staff" section.

At the bottom of this section, there is an "Unscheduled Reminders" area.

You can change the time before the estimated date from which you want to receive a notification, or remove the reminder altogether.

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