Monday 22nd February 2021

Happy New Year! This is our first big release for 2021.

We're proud that we can finally show it off.

2021 will be a big year for the system with some other major features still to come!

We've changed the naming for our releases. From now on, they are based on the year (2021), and the release number for that year (1) = 2021.1

Notes for this release:

  • We now require you to use iOS 14 / iPad OS 14 as a minimum on iPhone/iPad. You will need to upgrade your device in Settings if you are still running iOS 13

  • Old Microsoft Edge is no longer supported. You will need to upgrade to the new Microsoft Edge, or use another browser such as Google Chrome

In this article:

Bug Fixes

  • Was unable to rate our app on iOS

  • Clicking certain options when filling out a report would cause the page to move up or down

  • Unable to change the default communication method options for a client

  • Resetting your password would say it was successful even if you had entered a password you had already used

  • If a subscription payment failed, it would say your company was unsubscribed

  • The invoice description would not let you enter more than 191 characters

  • Some report PDFs would cut off text at the end of the page instead of flowing onto a new page

Miscellaneous Improvements:

  • Your latest unread notifications will now appear in the navigation sidebar for you to action. This is aimed at making your notifications more visible and actionable.

  • More control over the reference number of reports, appointments, and invoice numbers. Will no longer create clashes if multiple people are filling out a document at the same time

  • There has been lots of general improvements to how things are loaded onto the page to help make for a better user experience

  • Quickly preview a file before attaching it to an object

  • The "Outstanding Invoices" dashboard widget will now display a total unpaid amount

  • All $ (dollar values) throughout the system are now displayed with commas and decimal places (for example: $1,000.00)

  • Client Groups can be searched on the Clients page

Sending Emails

  • The toggle "Send documents to client" has been removed from the Add / Edit Client dialog

  • A new consistent dialog has been added for payments, reports and invoices. It will allow you to send emails to clients which also don't have a default email address added to their client profile

  • The dialog can also suggest email addresses if the client is part of a group


  • Licences will now display if their expiry date has passed, or will pass.

  • You will now receive a notification if a licence is set to expire soon

  • Ability to add a title / descriptor which outlines what the licence is. This field will display on generated reports which use that licence number.


  • The "Create New Report" page has had the "Extra" tab removed.
    You can now add a note via the "Report Details" tab.
    Private report files can be added through the report dialog in the "Files" tab

  • You can now save a report as a draft even if all the required fields have not been filled out.
    After you save the report, you will be prompted to finish filling the report out if it hasn't been completed.

  • An indicator will show in the navigation sidebar if you have an incomplete report


  • Invoices with a $0 amount can now have a manual payment put towards it

  • Invoices with a $0 amount can now be archived

  • Improved the display of bank account details on the generated PDF

  • You can now change the client of an invoice which has already been saved (if it has not been paid)

  • You can now add terms and conditions to your invoice PDF via System Defaults > Accounting

  • When you add an appointment to a new invoice, it will automatically bind the appointment description to your invoice description

  • You can now customise the invoice description with colours, headings and other details

  • Finding inventory to use on your invoice is now a lot faster


The calendar has had some major improvements in this release.


  • A brand new interface has been introduced which helps show more details.
    The left-hand sidebar allows you to switch between the calendar views, find your appointment types and check your appointment status colours

  • The right sidebar contains your calendar filters and unscheduled appointments

  • Unscheduled appointments will display as three colours in the sidebar:
    RED: The estimated date has passed
    ORANGE: The estimated date is approaching
    BLACK: The estimated date is not approaching yet

  • If you leave the calendar, it will now take you back to the last date you were looking at if you toggle the following setting in Settings > Account Details:

  • The calendar will now use the "Shorthand Name" for appointment types by default in most spots

  • The Staff Schedule will now show your staff members vertically if you have < 3 staff

Appointment Types

  • Each type can now have its own assigned colour

  • You can now completely remove a default reminder for a type, or set the reminder to go off at the time of the appointment

  • Create a "client-friendly title/description" for each type. These client-friendly details will be displayed on any reminders sent off to clients

System Defaults > Calendar

  • You can now set the default appointment colour to either use the staff colour or appointment type colour

  • You can now automatically make the system delete unscheduled appointments which have not been actioned X months after its estimated date.
    For example: If the setting is set to "1 month" and today is 1st Feb 2021, an unscheduled appointment with an estimated date of 31st Dec 2020 will be deleted automatically because it was not actioned.

Updated Add / Edit dialog

The interface for adding / editing appointments has been refreshed.

  • Appointment Types, Clients, Staff & Colour each open their own window for more details in each specific section.

  • Change the status of the appointment directly from the Edit dialog

  • Redesigned date/time/reminder pickers which are much more fluid on all devices

  • Opening the "Colour" window will allow you to switch the appointment colour to one of your staff or appointment types.

  • Create up to three staff reminders for an appointment

  • The description box will now automatically bind each of your default appointment type descriptions

Staff Availability

  • Quickly check your staff availability in the right-click context menu.

  • When editing an appointment, you may check availability against all staff of your company and add a staff member to this appointment who is available in the timeslot


  • Runsheets now have a simplified dialog-based user interface


  • Reminders are now a lot more detailed and contain details of the (client friendly) appointment type details (example below)

Appointment Groups (REMOVED)

  • Appointment Groups have been removed. If you had an Appointment Group, it has been merged into Client Groups

  • You can now delete all upcoming recurring appointments via the Appointment dialog

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