By cloning a report, you are essentially "copying" the values/answers supplied from an existing report over to a new report.

This can help save you time for reports which contain many pieces of similar information instead of having to re-enter everything twice.

To start, open the dialog for a report you have already created.

Click the "Clone" button in the top action area.

A dialog will prompt you whether you'd like to continue.

Click "Continue". This will copy all relevant details to the new report.

If you are attempting to clone a form which is now outdated (if you have since modified the form, or a new version has been published), you will be warned before continuing, however you may proceed if you wish.

Marking fields as unclonable

There may be instances where you would prefer not to clone a specific answer on a form, such as photos for an inspection.

You may do this in the Form Editor by going to Forms > Select your form > Edit Form

Click on the necessary field to edit it. Then, in the Edit dialog, you can untick the box for "Allow cloning supplied answer for this field on new reports".

Remember to click "Save Form" and publish your changes after you are done.

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