Monday 23rd November 2020

This release contains enhancements throughout the system to further improve your user experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Square payments for clients may not always process

  • Your Pest Register Subscription may duplicate if you changed your billing details (very rare cases)

  • Appointment status colours would not show on iOS 13

  • Website would not load on Chrome for iPad

  • Recurring rules for appointments may not generate correctly in some cases where you'd apply the rule 1 time every 12 months (for example)

  • When creating an appointment and prefilling a client's address, you would not be able to switch to Manual Address mode

  • Appointment notifications sent out to clients will now show the appointment timezone

  • Some unconfirmed appointment reminders would not send out to clients automatically

  • Departed notification for appointments would display incorrect message

  • Display error message if an invoice purchase order number is invalid

  • Fixed a bunch of issues relating to syncing with accounting providers including:
    Invoices duplicating
    Data not syncing correctly or at all

Miscellaneous Improvements:

  • A notification will now be sent to staff of your company if an SMS could not be sent off to a client

  • Clicking the "View Calendar" button on the calendar dashboard widget will now go to the selected day on the calendar

  • You may now delete all files from the file manager, even a file which is attached to an item on the system

  • Generated PDFs for invoices and reports will now automatically give the file an appropriate title to make it easier to understand who the file was generated for

  • Find Reports, Find Invoices, Ledger Accounts, Payments, Clients, Inventory, Staff & Licences pages will now all display a table list on big screens with the option of showing more information for each specific item on the page.

  • Mark ledgers with "Enable payments to account" to allow manual payments to be made to the specified ledger account

  • Day of week labels for appointments

Forms & Reporting Improvements

  • The "Location" field can now have a manual address

  • Usability improvements on small screens

  • Updating the title and description of an image on a report will now automatically save

  • Adding a signature will now bring up a dialog to save the signature

  • If you have an unsaved report and you attempt to clone another report, you will be warned that an unsaved report currently exists

  • The "Legal" field has been removed and replaced with "Display Text"

  • You may now disable cloning specific fields via the Form Editor whenever you attempt to clone a report.

  • Options for changing the layout for how fields are displayed on the generated PDF

  • When editing a field in the Form Editor, all the sidebar options have been broken down into separate expansion tabs

The following improvements will slowly become available on new versions of specific forms:

  • Cabilities for forms to use "Section Repeaters", where a section can be repeated an infinite amount of times and be displayed like a table.

  • New "Toggle" field

  • New "Slider" field

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