Monday 12th October 2020

This release contains many enhancements throughout the system to further improve your user experience.

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Bug Fixes:

  • Weather widget would sometimes not display if your location could not be retrieved / timed out

  • Invoices could send to clients after changing its status without prompting you to confirm sending the email

  • Appointment Types with a default reminder beforehand of "0" would not reflect when creating new appointments

  • Further improvements and optimisations to loading times when using the calendar

  • Taking photos on reports would not save when using the Android app

  • Unable to edit advanced text area fields on iOS

  • Appointment address would not display on the calendar after editing an appointment

  • Deleting a "parent" appointment (which has recurring appointments) would unlink all the appointments

  • Square payments would sometimes not process via Client Connect

  • Clicking a "?" (Help Center icon) would sometimes not toggle the Help Center

  • "Mark as unscheduled" would display even if the staff account does not have the ability to edit that particular appointment

  • Attempting to change the form after originally clicking "Clone" would not work

  • Autocompleting an address in a search box would sometimes display no results while typing

  • No "Other" option for radio/checkboxes when filling out reports when "Allow Other" is selected on the form

  • After saving a field on the Form Editor, the "default values" would not display unless the page was refreshed

Timezones, Appointments & Runsheets

We've brought full timezone support into the system with this release. We have already planned some further improvements over the next few releases including further integration of reminders for other elements of the system.

Select your company timezone via Settings > Company Details.

All existing appointments will use Australia/Melbourne as their timezone unless changed manually by editing these appointments.

All new appointments will use your selected company timezone by default.

  • In System Defaults > Calendar, you may enable options for changing appointment timezones, along with always displaying a timezone indicator for each appointment on the calendar.

  • If you operate in multiple timezones, you can manually select a timezone for each appointment. A little indicator will appear before each appointment title on the calendar indicating the timezone of this appointment.

  • Checking staff availability within the "Create/Edit Appointment" dialog will also factor in the timezone for other appointments.

  • Reminders will be sent off to clients and staff based off the timezone for each appointment

Other Appointment Improvements:

  • You may now update the colours of all appointment statuses via Settings > System Defaults > Calendar

  • Appointment statuses are now identified by a triangle at the top-right of each appointment. The triangle colour will reflect your selected status colour.

Runsheet Improvements:

  • New default time period options when generating runsheets

  • Improvements to the display of appointments on the generated PDF

  • Runsheets will now automatically save to the File Manager in category "Runsheets"

  • Runsheets will now automatically attach to the Files section of each staff member's details dialog

  • Runsheets will now send you a notification once all runsheets have been sent off to staff successfully

Invoice & Payment Summaries

Generate simple invoice and payment summaries via the new Invoice & Payment Summary section on the sidebar.

The summary will print out all payments and invoices along with their associated staff and clients.

You may filter down the summary to specific clients or staff members, and you also have the option of generating a PDF of the summary.

Any generated PDFs will automatically be added to a category within the File Manager called "Financial Summaries".

By default, all staff will not have permission to access this page except the original user of the company. Staff members can be given access by editing their permissions and selecting "Access Financial Summaries".

System Improvements

Miscellaneous Improvements:

  • Ability to quickly switch from "Manual Address" to "Search Address" (and vice-versa) when typing an address in an address box

  • When searching for an address, the text will display in red until a valid address has been selected from the dropdown (unless it is a manual address).

  • After unarchiving an item, you will be redirected back out of the archive view

  • Greater control of your notifications with new notification categories within Account Details > Notifications. Any emails you receive will now tell you which category that email falls under.

  • After signing up an account, you can now quickly view other areas of Settings

User Interface Improvements:

  • User interface tweaks for adding a profile image to staff members or clients.

  • Refreshed design for the navigation sidebar

  • Refreshed design for the File dialog. You may now also zoom in and out of PDFs

  • On iOS and Android, you may swipe down on dialogs to close them

  • When we release a new version of Pest Register and you are still attempting to use an old version of the website, you will be forced to reload the page.

Clients Improvements

  • When importing clients via a CSV, you can now review all the rows of data before importing

  • When creating phone numbers for clients, you may now alter the "Extra" label

Invoicing Improvements:

  • When creating/editing invoices, PDFs will now generate in the background and notify you when it has been generated.

  • Draft invoice PDFs will now not generate automatically. You must click "Generate Draft PDF" button within the invoice dialog.

  • A footer image can now be attached to your invoices via Settings > Style & Branding > Invoices. The same rules apply as per report footer images. They have the ability of covering the entire page (read the article for more details).

Reporting Improvements:

  • When creating/editing reports, PDFs will now generate in the background and notify you when it has been generated.

  • Draft report PDFs will now not generate automatically. You must click "Generate Draft PDF" button within the report dialog.

  • Client and appointment dialogs will now display the form name for any reports, rather than just the address

  • After creating a report, you may simply exit the dialog

  • Cloning a report will now also clone the client, appointment, licence and address

  • When adding images to a report, you can now quickly edit the title and description for that image inline without having to open the File dialog.

  • The interface of images on reports has been tweaked.

  • When a new version of a form is published, you will receive a notification with notes stating what has been changed.

  • Ability to quickly take/attach a photo to the report cover page

  • New interface for signing signatures - click an edit button to change the signature, then save.

eCard Improvements:

  • You may now add a custom business name and slogan/subline which will display on your eCard via Settings > Style & Branding > eCard

  • Your eCard will now display on all emails which are sent out to your clients

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