Pest Register compresses images when being uploaded.

  • We recommend keeping a local copy of any images you upload

  • They are scaled down to a maximum size of 1345 pixels (width/height).

  • We do this to help reduce the total size of any documents you generate (such as PDFs) which contain images, plus to decrease the upload time (which helps in weak 4G areas or slow WiFi).

  • Images are compressed before being uploaded. This makes them a lot faster to process for upload.

iOS Notices:

  • If you are getting an "Invalid format HEIC" error, you may need to turn off HEIC images and change to JPEG.
    This can be changed in Settings > Camera > Format. Select "Most Compatible"
    Any existing HEIC photos can be converted using and then uploaded

  • When uploading images on iOS, make sure that "Actual Size" is selected at the bottom of the selection dialog.
    If you change this option, some photos may upload in the incorrect orientation - this is an issue with iOS, not our system.

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