Each SMS sent comes with a cost of 7c per SMS. This is billed monthly, along with your subscription.

SMS reminders are almost an essential part of a service-based business. Pest Registers give businesses the ability to set reminders for their clients to receive not only by email but also by SMS. This guide will run you through how to set up SMS reminders, what they look like, and the cost involved.

Using the SMS reminder system is easy! Setting up reminders is part of the appointment creation process and can be set in just a few seconds. Before setting the SMS reminders there is a consideration when creating your client profiles. During client creation, you will have an option to select the "Default Communication Method".

This method will be carried onto the reminders system and will by default create a reminder based on what method you have chosen and also the time interval set by the appointment type default.

Now that we have that out of the way, you can go ahead and set up your SMS reminder. To do this, when creating an appointment, be sure to click on the "More Options" button when the appointment card section is displayed.

In the More Options dialog, you will see a section at the top called "Clients". Click on this section.

This is where you can set up your SMS Reminders. Each of your clients will be listed.

Here you can select which type of reminder to send, the email or mobile phone number it is going to, and the time interval before the appointment.

Once you have set up your reminders, you can click on the back button.

You can also remove reminders by clicking on the small X button next to each reminder.

When a text message is sent, the client will receive the following SMS.

The SMS also provides a link with a further breakdown of information.

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