To alter your document footers, head to Settings > Style & Branding. They can be accessed in both the "Reports" and "Invoices" tabs.

From here, you can upload an image to use on your footer.

The footer image is displayed on all pages except the cover page.

After you select your image, remember to click "Save".


  • To create the perfect footer, we recommend using image editing software such as Paint.NET (free), or Adobe Photoshop. By using these, you can add your own text or images, and customise the image as much as you like.

  • The image will also remain in its original opacity. To use the image as a watermark/opaque, use your image editing software to manually adjust its opacity.


The image you upload will be displayed as a full length image. This means that it will expand the entire width of the page.


  • Crop the image onto the correct dimensions (discussed below).


  • Don't upload your logo as a standalone image which doesn't fit the correct dimensions. The logo will take up the entire length on the footer and may overlap document content.

The footer image starts from the bottom, and goes up the page. By allowing this, you may upload an image which expands the entire width and height of the page, providing you with a footer, content background watermark, and header.

  • Full sized (header + content + footer) (recommended):
    950 pixels (width) x 1345 pixels (height)

  • Header (recommended):
    950 pixels (width) x 95 pixels (height)

  • Content area (recommended):
    950 pixels (width) x 1125 pixels (height)

  • Footer (recommended):
    950 pixels (width) x 125 pixels (height)


You may use the following image as a guide for working out each of the zones when using a full-sized background.

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