The system provides some flexibility with being able to change the style of cover pages on the reports you generate.

To get the best experience out of your report styles, we recommend first updating your company colours, logos, and eCard details (which are in each of the other tabs).

To access these settings, navigate to "Style & Branding" within Settings. Then click on the "Reports" tab at the top left.

Using the cover page editor, you can alter the following settings:

  • Switch between dark and light theme for your cover page.

  • Toggle displaying your eCard on the cover page. If this is unchecked, the eCard will display on page 2 of the report.

  • Change the size of the cover photo image.

  • Change the size of your company logo. (Logo will only be visible if "Display eCard on cover" is unchecked).

  • Drag the elements around on the cover page to change the order they are displayed in.
    If you have enabled "Display eCard on cover", you can move the eCard to either the top or bottom of the cover page.
    You may also drag around the cover photo, form details, and your logo. (Logo will only be visible if "Display eCard on cover" is unchecked).

  • Set the background image to be displayed. The background image acts as a "blurred-out watermark" which sits behind the cover page details.
    You can choose to display no background image, use the cover photo as the background image, or upload a custom image which will be displayed across all your reports.

  • Update the footer image which displays on all the other pages of your reports.
    Refer to our guide on editing footer images.

At the top of your preview:

  • You can choose to hide the edit borders around each fo the draggable elements

  • Display a sample cover photo and form details to give you a more realistic view of how the cover page will look

Don't forget to click "Save" once you've finished changing these settings!

Any reports you (re)generate will use the new cover page style.

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