Monday 14th September 2020

This release contains many enhancements throughout the system to further improve your user experience.

Bug Fixes:

  • Changing a client's first and last name was not updating their underlying "Display Name"

  • User would be logged out if they tried creating an invoice but didn't have permission to "Access Invoicing"

  • Creating appointments would not create the recurring appointments with specific rule conditions

  • Clients would not sync up to accounting providers automatically after importing them using the CSV importer

  • Square payments would fail if your access token had expired

  • Invoices would not display the correct amount if they exceeded a certain dollar value

  • Creating clients would fail if the client's name contained specific characters

Miscellaneous Improvements:

  • Consistency throughout the app when displaying loading spinners

  • After first signing up, you'll receive a dialog prompting you to complete certain steps before creating a report/invoice

  • Archiving a report or invoice will now also hide their PDFs in the File Manager

  • Clicking "Save" in a Settings dialog will now return you to the previous page if you were previously accessing another area of the system

  • In Company Details (Settings), a "Reply-To Email" has been added in cases where clients reply to an email sent from Pest Register


  • You can now search for clients by their phone numbers or addresses.

  • You can now search for appointments by their address (which had previously been disabled).

Style & Branding:

We've overhauled Style & Branding within Settings.

You can now style the cover page of your reports. This includes:

  • Dragging around the cover page elements

  • Displaying your eCard

  • Switching between a light and dark theme

  • Adding a background image (either no image, a custom image, or inherit the cover photo)

  • Adjust the size of your logo and cover photo

Other Improvements:

  • You can now attach a footer image to all the other pages of your report.

  • eCard settings have been moved from Company Details to Style & Branding.

  • View previews of your logos and eCard.

  • Refreshed page 2 of newly generated reports

Help Center:

We want to make using Pest Register as simple as possible.

Sometimes this means you may need to read an article about how certain areas of the system work.

In this update, we introduce the "Help Center". It is accessible in all parts of the app and gives you contextual suggestions for articles or videos based on what you're currently doing.

We will continually add new articles and videos to the Help Center over time.

Most dialogs throughout the system have a "?" button . Clicking this button will open the Help Center.

Of course, if you want to talk to our team, you can request help using "Live Chat".

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