This article is intended for users who have received a link from a business asking them to connect via Client Connect

Client Connect is designed to allow you to quickly and easily receive documents from the business who asked you to sign up.

By creating a Pest Register account, you can log in and easily retrieve their documents at a later date, plus pay any invoices that they have sent to you.

This essentially creates a digital repository of any documentation for you to review.

The Client Connect dashboard is pretty straightforward.

The main area contains a list of the reports and invoices which have been sent to you, and the right-hand sidebar has a list of each business that you are connected with.

When you click on one of the documents, you can download a PDF of it.

If the document is an invoice, and the invoice is unpaid, a "Pay Now" button will appear which will let you pay for the invoice by card (this also assumes that the business has set up card payments - if you would like to pay directly by card, please contact them).

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