Monday 10th August 2020

This release contains many enhancements throughout the system to further improve your user experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Client Group name was not "required" when creating the group

  • Incorrect ledger accounts displaying on "Ledger Accounts" System Defaults tab

  • Disable hiding staff from the calendar who have been marked as unavailable/sick

  • Clicking a Google Chrome push notification would not open the URL to Pest Register

  • When creating a new licence after creating a staff account, the staff member would not be prefilled

  • Appointment Type icons would not load on the app

  • If a payment from a customer failed, a notification would not send to the company notifying them of the failed payment

  • Display errors if a CSV is invalid when trying to import clients

  • Unable to select ledger accounts created in Pest Register when creating a manual payment

Miscellaneous Improvements:

  • Greatly improved the upload times for images

  • Changed naming of client referrals from "How did you hear from us?" to "How did you hear about us?"

  • You can now view staff activity logs directly from their details dialog

  • "Trends" widget is now localised to each staff member if they do not have permission to access all reports/invoices

  • Your invoice list will now display the payment terms in a separate column

Appointment Improvements:

When creating/editing appointment types, you can now set a default status for the recurring appointments (either unscheduled, unconfirmed or scheduled)

When creating a recurring rule for an appointment, we've greatly increased the internal limit. You now also have greater control over your chosen "specific days" and whether to select the first, last or all occurrences of those days within the selected frequency.

Reporting Improvements

This release contains a lot of much needed improvements to reporting.

  • Fixed a bug where the report generator would fail to generate if some fields had too many dependencies

  • Fixed a bug where text would overflow out of its box on the generated PDF

  • Fixed a bug where the "Display text" field would mess up alignment of other fields if it contained no text

  • Fixed a bug where you could not take a photo at all in the Android app

  • If you are using the app on your phone in a remote location / area without WiFi/LTE, the app will now temporarily save your report locally instead of deleting it until you come back online

  • More spacing between the submit buttons on the "Create Report" page on mobile

  • Ability to reorder your photos on a form (using the drag handle as pictured below)

  • Ability to take a photo directly on the form and insert it straight away (only available through our app - otherwise the button lets you upload files from your computer directly)

  • The number field can now accept decimals and can now be hidden on the generated PDF

  • Customisation options for multi-select dropdown fields (including bullet point style and whether to print all selected options inline)

  • New options on the form editor to force a page break after specific fields or sections

  • Added the ability to change text colour in the form editor

  • Customisation options for how the signature field is printed on the PDF (alignment - left, right or center, and the ability to hide the border printed around it)

  • Updated the "Date picker" field to have the option of selecting a time

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