Tuesday 21st July 2020

This release contains a few bug fixes to help improve your user experience.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience with some of the minor problems that have been encountered over the last week in regards to slowdowns and sync issues.

Syncing has now been re-enabled and we hope to have resolved any slowdown problems.

[NOTICE: There is a bug in this release where your subscription may not display. We are aware of the problem and hope to have the issue resolved on Wednesday 22nd July]

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed uploading PDFs and ZIP files for historical reports

  • Fixed a bug where clicking "View Details" on a popup notification would not do anything

New Features:

Track emails sent to clients

When sending emails to clients, you can now see whether the client has opened the email (as pictured below with the little "eye" next to the communication item).

This will only affect any future emails sent out from this release onwards.

Misc improvements:

The subscription dialog within settings has been updated to provide some clarity for your upcoming invoices. You may now also download your previous invoice receipts.

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