If your client decides to make a payment towards an invoice with cash or an unsupported system, you can create a manual payment to help keep track of this payment on Pest Register.

Manual payments can only be made if the invoice's status is either Open for payment or Partially Paid

To start, first open the dialog for the invoice you'd like to make the payment against.

In the top action bar, click on the "Take Payment" button.

A dialog will open to either take a card payment (if you have linked a Payment provider), or create the manual payment.

  • Enter the amount you'd like to pay against this invoice. You may enter an amount less than the total amount. Doing so will update the invoice's status to Partially Paid.

  • Enter the payment date.

  • Select a ledger account to mark this payment under.

  • Enter a payment description.

  • Optionally, if you have used a third-party card reader (such as a Square terminal), you can enter the transaction number for reference.

Once you have filled in all the details, click "Save".

You will be prompted to confirm creating this payment.

You can also optionally send a receipt to the client by selecting "Create Payment & Send", and then entering their email address.

The invoice dialog will update with the invoice now either marked as Partially or Fully Paid.

You can now view the updated Invoice PDF by clicking "View Invoice".

The invoice should now display all the receipts of payment at the bottom.

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