Client Groups provide you with a useful way to group a collection of clients into one place.

This is useful where for example you might have a group of clients that all share a single billing account or a group of clients that live in the same housing complex.

You can learn how to create a client group here.

Dialog Overview

The Group dialog has 2 different tabs:

  • Details - group details and clients

  • Timeline - A collated list of all notes, files, appointments, reports and invoices for all clients in this group

Clients within the group can be altered in numerous ways:

  • Relationship - each client's relationship to each other (for example, one client can be marked as a real estate agent, and the others could be marked as the tenants or strata)

  • Mark clients as primary - the tickbox (next to the X) can mark a client as a primary contact of this group. Any clients who are marked as primary will be able to quickly access the other clients' details via their own detail dialog (as pictured below).

  • Order - drag the handle (next to the tickbox) to reorder the clients in order of priority

Prefilling Details

When the client is marked as "Primary", they can quickly prefill other client details when filling out a document.

(Pictured: John Smith is marked as the primary client, so he is able to access each of the other clients' details from his own detail dialog)

When sending emails to clients, the primary client can also quickly use one of the other clients' email addresses under "Suggested Email Addresses".

You can also prefill their addresses in some of the Address fields within the system.

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