Appointment Types can be changed via Settings > Appointment Types.

Appointment Types can be used to quickly prefill information on new appointments and invoices.

The system provides you with a set of default Appointment Types which you can then delete and edit, or alternatively create your own.

If you choose to delete an existing Appointment Type, any appointments which currently use this type will continue to inherit it.

Type Details

You have the option of setting an icon, name and a shorthand name for the type. The shorthand name is printed on runsheets and used on the calendar.

Colour: By assigning a colour to the appointment type, you can use this colour when creating new appointments.

Client-visible Title: A title for this appointment type which the client can see on any reminders sent out to them.

Client-visible Description: A description for this appointment type which the client can see on any reminders sent out to them.

If you do not specify client-friendly details, then the reminders will not show a name for the appointment type.

Must be staffed: When creating an appointment, it will alert the user that a staff member must be added to this appointment.

Default Appointment Details

Appointment Title/Description: Default title and description to prefill on new appointments which use this type

Staff/Client Reminder Beforehand: Default time period before the appointment of which client/staff will be notified about the appointment

Time Allocation: If the appointment is unscheduled, dragging the appointment onto the calendar will take up the default time allocation (for example, a 2 hour slot).

Recurring Appointment: You may define a recurring rule which a new appointment will use.

Default Reminders

You may set the default reminders when creating new appointments for staff, clients and unscheduled reminders.

(For example, if you set the default client reminder to "1 day before", the client will receive a reminder 1 day before the appointment - but because it is a default, it can be changed when creating the appointment)

Default Invoice Inventory / Line Items:

When creating a new invoice for an appointment inheriting this type, the invoice will be prefilled with any line items which you supply here.

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