Client Import can be accessed via Settings > Import Data.

Under the subheading "Clients", click on "CSV File".



  • We provide a one-to-one import. This means that you can only map one column from your CSV to one field on our system.
    Lets say that you have three columns in your CSV file: street address, suburb and state.
    If you'd like to import these three values as the clients' primary address on our system, you must first use a concatenation function within Excel (or your spreadsheet program) to merge the three columns into one.

  • The importer will not import clients which have a duplicated display name / first+last name combination. If you try to import duplicated clients, you will be asked to fix the clients' details and reimport. All display names must be unique.

  • If the importer fails to upload some clients, you will receive a notification containing a CSV file with all the invalid clients. You may then resolve these issues and reimport the CSV file that we sent.

  • Some areas of the system may not work as expected until full set of clients have been imported

  • Uploading large sets of data can take a while. So please be patient. You'll receive a notification when the import is complete. If it has been more than half an hour and you still have not received a notification, contact our team.

  • If you have already linked an accounting provider, any clients you import will be synced up to the accounting provider automatically.

  • If you have already linked an accounting provider and have synced down clients with the same name as clients in your CSV file, those specific clients in the CSV file will not import



The importer is split into four sections:

Select File => Map Columns => Review Data => Confirm Import

Select File

Start by selecting the CSV file you'd like to import.

If the file is valid, you will be taken to the next step.

Map Columns

The next step involves mapping any of your CSV columns to fields on Pest Register.

You do not need to map every single field / csv column. We only require that you provide at least a display name or first+last name for each client to upload.

Any fields which you don't map will be ignored.

Review Data

Once you move to this step, any rows which contained invalid data will be highlighted. You may also review all the other rows of data and make any changes.

Click on each item in the list to edit the values. Click "Save" for each item to revalidate its data.

Once all errors have been resolved, you will be able to move to the final step.

Confirm Import

If you reach this step, then this typically means that each row of data is valid and should be imported correctly.

Click on "Import Now" to confirm the import and begin the process.

For large amounts of data, it may take a while to import. (Read the notices section at the top of this article)

You'll receive a notification once the import is complete.

If, for whatever reason, we couldn't insert a row of data, the notification will contain a downloadable CSV file with each of the invalid rows. You may download the CSV file, correct the errors, and then reimport that CSV.

You're all done! Hopefully your clients have imported into the system and are ready to use 😃

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