You can access your account details via Settings > Account Details.

The Account Details dialog contains numerous settings related to your personal account.

NOTE: Some fields in this dialog may not be present if your account is permission-restricted.

There are five different tabs which we will cover in this article.

Details, Password, Email, Notifications & Devices


  • You may update your profile picture by clicking on the small circle at the top of the dialog with your initials (or current profile picture).

  • Your name is the visible name used throughout the system.

  • Colour is your colour used throughout the system. It may be especially useful on the calendar for colour-coding appointments by staff member.

  • The checkbox Temporarily save incomplete reports will automatically save reports locally as you are filing them out. By turning this off, if you accidentally leave the "Create New Report" page before submitting a report, your changes will be lost.

  • The checkbox Use wizards to quickly create clients and appointments will give you a simplified view for creating clients and appointments. By turning this off, you will automatically go to the advanced "Create" screens for both of these areas (the "More Options" dialog).

  • The checkbox When opening the scheduler, go to the last date that you were looking at will automatically the last date on the scheduler if you were to leave the scheduler and come back to it later.

  • The Default Calendars options allow you to select the default view which is shown on different sized devices.
    For example, selecting "Day" for mobile will by default show the calendar day view.


The password tab lets you change your account password.

You may not use a password which has been used previously.


The email tab lets you change your account email address.

After entering a new email address, you will be prompted to confirm your account password.

You will be given a 24 hour cooldown period to verify your new email address. If you do not verify the new email address, your email will be reverted back.


The notifications tab lets you turn on or off push and email notifications from the app.

Push notifications appear as a popup on your phone/PC.

Email notifications send directly to your account email addresss.


The devices tab shows a list of the recent devices which have logged in to your account.

Devices will automatically be removed from this list as their login sessions expire.

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