The Scheduler has multiple views available to suit different needs, these views can be accessed by clicking on the relevant view option in the menu.

1: Calender

This is a typical calendar view and most commonly used by those operating a scheduler. The calendar is a great way to center yourself for day to day operations giving efficient links to complete tasks once an appointment is created.

Please see the How to Use the Calendar Guide.

2: Appointment List

The appointment list is essentially a refind calendar view with no gaps between appointments. The appointments list will list each appointment in order and makes things a little easier to read.

Please see the How to Use the Appointment List Guide to learn more.

3: Staff Schedule

The staff schedule gives users the ability to see what each staff member is doing at any given time, drag and drop appointments between other users, and check to see where there are gaps for appointment creation. The staff schedule view is particularly useful for larger businesses where the calendar view may become very busy.

To learn more about the Staff Schedule you can view the How to use Staff Schedule guide.

4: Runsheets

Runsheets give you the ability to generate a PDF runsheet for each staff member. The PDF document is emailed to the staff members' email with a list of jobs in the specified time frame. Runsheets are useful if a staff member is going off the grid or if they prefer a paper copy of their jobs to complete.

To learn how to use Runsheets, you can view the How to use Runsheets guide.

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