Monday 18th May 2020

This release contains numerous enhancements, tweaks and bug fixes throughout the system to further improve your user experience.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where you may receive two emails for every notification that was sent to you from the system
  • Pressing enter when autocompleting an address would refresh the window
  • Disable editing the visibility of files which another staff member uploaded
  • Push notifications were not working correctly in browsers.
  • Fixed a bug where a push notification would be sent even if they were turned off
  • Android app would show a "play" button for a split second when first loading the app. This has now been corrected.
  • There would be no visual indication if popups were blocked and the app tried opening an external window (especially prominent in Safari)
  • Signing up to the system will now no longer send you multiple emails - now condensed into the one email.
  • The status bar (clock, system status, etc) on iOS would be overlapped by the app toolbar.
  • Better error handling if invalid billing details are entered for your company subscription to Pest Register
  • Filtering payments by date was not working correctly
  • Better user experience for adding notes
  • Improvements to the dialogs for autocompleting addresses, finding clients, staff and appointments
  • Forms would sometimes incorrectly show some fields when selecting certain options

Calendar Bug Fixes:

  • A notification could've been sent to a client for an appointment which was unconfirmed
  • Month view on the calendar would not stretch the full height of the page
  • Appointment Types which had a rule would incorrectly create the calendar appointments (usually creating an appointment a day before the rule would start)
  • "My Appointments" widget was not loading any results.
  • Appointment rules would let you incorrectly enter "0" as the interval or count.
  • Searching for an address (via appointments) will now let you search for PO Boxes and unit numbers more accurately
  • Clicking the X (delete) button for each client in the "Add/Edit Appointment" dialog would open up the next client's dialog window

Miscellaneous Features:

  • A cleaner new login user experience and a refreshed design to the main website
  • Invoices can now be filtered by their invoice date and payment due date
  • If you log in to another device, your existing device will not be automatically logged out. You will instead be prompted to re-enter your password to stay logged in. 

  • You can now see a list of all your active devices via Settings > Account Details > Devices

  • Ability to search your account logs
  • Ability to see account logs for all staff members of your company (can be found in Settings > Company Logs - you must have permission to manage staff in order to access this dialog)

  • Ability to change the default calendar view on mobile and tablets/PCs. This can be changed via Settings > Account Details

  • Specifying your company insurance holder will now let you automatically unlock access to forms tailored for their use. You can change your insurance settings via Settings > Company Details.
  • You can now quickly access contact details for staff and clients via the appointments dialog without having to open their full details.

File Management:

We've added some nice improvements for managing your files.

  • When uploading files which are too large or of an invalid file format, the system will now display the errors.
  • The File Manager will now let you create custom categories
  • You can now specify default file categories for uploading new files to help reduce cluttering your main files directory. This can be changed via System Defaults (Settings > System Defaults > Files).
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