Monday 6th April, 2020

This release contains a lot of feature enhancements for the Job Scheduler plus a lot of other tweaks to other areas of the system.

Bug Fixes:

  • Staff initials will now alter the "profile" background to a darker colour if the selected staff colour is light/white (unable to read initials text)

  • When choosing white as a company branding colour, it was impossible to read some text on generated invoices and reports. Instead, a darker "offset" colour will be used where appropriate.

  • Ability to edit details of an object inside another object (for example, editing a client inside of the appointment dialog)

  • Ability to have blank invoice line items

  • Visual feedback throughout the system for objects which are "read-only"

  • Major improvements to the file sizes generated for report PDFs

Calendar-specific Bug Fixes:

  • When highlighting on the calendar to create a new all day appointment, the appointment was not automatically being marked as "all day".

  • Appointments with a light/white colour will now use black text

  • When creating a new report directly from the appointment dialog, the report will prefill with the appointment address rather than the client's primary address.

  • Usability of the calendar on mobile has been improved

  • Calendar loading spinner has been replaced with a loading bar at the top of the page to be less intrusive

  • Lots of performance improvements of the calendar.

  • "Check staff availability" button not working as expected when creating appointments

  • The "+ Create" button on the calendar will now default to the company business hours (if supplied)

  • Improvements to how unscheduled appointments are added and removed from the list

  • Appointment reminders not sending out at the correct time


New Features:

  • Option to add an account name if you have entered as BSB/ACC number for invoices.

  • Visual feedback on the first page of creating a report to make it easier to notice which fields need to be filled out.

Calendar-specific Feature Updates:

  • New setting to disable seeing outside of the company's business hours on the calendar (available in System Defaults under Calendar)

  • Ability to mark appointments on the calendar as "unconfirmed". An unconfirmed appointment will appear on your calendar in a timeslot but remain transparent to show that the booking is unconfirmed with the client.¬†

  • Ability to mark appointments as unscheduled without having to edit the appointment manually (you may now mark an appointment as unscheduled from the "Status" popup)

  • Updated UI to the recurring rule dialog. Now provides more options for creating a rule based on particular days and months. The "interval" and "count" options have both also been increased¬†

  • Ability to toggle recurring appointments as "unscheduled", "unconfirmed" or "scheduled" when they are created/updated.

  • Appointment tooltips - hover over appointments to display a lot more useful appointment details without having to open the appointment dialog.

  • Simplified interface for displaying unscheduled appointments (you can now hover over the appointments to display more details)

  • Ability to filter the calendar by client and the ability to filter by multiple appointment status options

What's coming up:

We are always listening to your feedback and making our product even better.

One of our upcoming updates will introduce a lot of user interface refinements to make the app sleeker and easier to use.

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