Friday March 20th 2020

Additional issues found with syncing data to and from accounting providers have delayed the release of known fixes since the last communicated update. We will be keeping integrations disabled until next week to address these issues. 

Quickbooks Customers:
We are currently facing a number of business logic issues with Invoicing. Due to a bug found in Quickbooks, invoices are not correctly calculating totals when discounts and tax is supplied from Pest Register. We have submitted support tickets to Quickbooks to hopefully speed up this process. Until then, syncing invoices to Quickbooks will remain disabled.

Issues Currently being Fixed:

  • [MYOB] User testing

  • [QUICKBOOKS] Net Amount taxable needs to be applied for line items with different tax rates, sent up as separate tax calculations alongside transactional discounts. Currently investigating a bug with Quickbooks tax calculation.

Fixed Issues:


  • [CLIENTS] Shipping Address (Quickbooks) syncing incorrectly as Street Address (Pest Register)

  • [CLIENTS] Billing Address (Quickbooks) syncing incorrectly as PO Box Address (Pest Register)

  • [CLIENTS] Addresses not syncing correctly

  • [CLIENTS] Default Phone Numbers synced as 'Other' in Quickbooks

  • [CLIENTS] Website not syncing

  • [CLIENTS] Incorrectly fetching mobile numbers instead of alternate phone numbers

  • [CLIENTS] Customers not distinguished from Suppliers

  • [INVOICES] Billing address not syncing up to Quickbooks

  • [INVOICES] Subtotal amounts incorrectly syncing when preparing discounted line items

  • [INVOICES] Invoice Number (Pest Register) not syncing and being overridden by Quickbooks default incrementing Invoice Number

  • [INVOICES] Discount calculations incorrect due to Quickbooks business logic calculations. GST must be applied to discounts and applied as a transactional discount as opposed to line item discount (as line item discounts are disabled in Australia)

  • [INVOICES] Flexible tax rate on invoices causing validation issue when changing individual tax rates on line items that do not correspond with correct Ledger Accounts

  • [TAX RATES] Tax Rates not syncing down for taxation types in some situations

  • [INVENTORY] Items cannot be of type Inventory if non-tracked, must be synced as Non-Inventory

  • [INVENTORY] Selling Details and Purchase Details parameter mismatches

  • [INVENTORY] Unchecking Purchase Details not reflecting in Quickbooks

  • [INVENTORY] Restrict inventory items to require selling details to match Quickbooks business logic

  • [INVENTORY] Item not correctly deleting on Quickbooks


  • [CLIENTS] Addresses from Xero are stored with incorrect types and are causing sync issues when syncing back up from Pest Register

  • [CLIENTS] Addresses not adding sub_administrative localities when syncing addresses back to Xero

  • [CLIENTS] Website not being sent to Xero (Note: This cannot be fixed as Xero doesn't allow third-party applications to alter client websites)

  • [CLIENTS] First Name of client not syncing correctly

  • [CLIENTS] Cannot un-archive a client via Pest Register (Note: Users must unarchive clients on Xero to be reflected in Pest Register. This is a limitation of the Xero API)

  • [INVOICES] Not setting invoice reference number from Pest Register

  • [INVOICES] Not receiving all valid line items from invoices on Xero

  • [INVOICES] Invoice deletion not reflected in Xero when deleting from Pest Register

  • [INVOICES] Invoice Dates and Due Dates not syncing correctly. Dates were resetting to December.

  • [INVOICES] Invoice Statuses not syncing correctly. Invoices were stuck in DRAFT mode and had no status sent for emailing.

  • [INVOICES] Manual Payments made to General Business Equity ledger accounts were not processing due to 'Enable Payment' flags not being set

  • [INVOICES] Payment Dates not syncing correctly. Dates were resetting to December.

  • [INVOICES] Bills were being synced down as Invoices. Not filtered to only receive Accounts Receivable transaction objects

Note: While the above issues have been fixed, they have not been released to the system. We will release all fixes at the same time, once completed.

We are working hard to resolve these issues and will announce when they have been fixed. Thanks for your patience.

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