Tuesday March 10th 2020

Due to issues found with syncing data to accounting providers, syncing to accounting providers has been disabled temporarily. All new customers yet to add an accounting provider, please be aware this will not be available until the issue has been resolved. 

Current issues being Fixed:

  • Invoice discounts and deposits not applied correctly on Quickbooks due to differences in calculation standards

  • Invoice due dates moving to different time periods in Xero

Fixed Issues:

  • Checking for duplicate phone numbers and addresses on invoices and clients when syncing

  • Phone numbers not syncing to accounting providers

  • Webhooks not updating accounting modules in Pest Register

  • Tax Rates incorrect when syncing from Quickbooks

  • Deposit Amounts and Discounts Amounts not reflected from Quickbooks

  • Tax Rates not applying to line items when syncing from Quickbooks

  • Invoice line items not deleting when deleted in accounting providers

  • Address logic not setting as an 'extra' address and incorrectly setting as 'other'

  • Syncing modules in Pest Register automatically to accounting providers when altered in Pest Register

Note: While the above issues have been fixed, they have not been released to the system. We will release all fixes at the same time, once completed.

We are working hard to resolve these issues and will announce when they have been fixed. Thanks for your patience.

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