Wednesday 26th February, 2020

New Features:

  • Purchase Order Reference Numbers on Invoices

  • Ability to display inventory/line items of appointment types on your staff runsheets

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Accounting Providers with large amounts of data not syncing.

  • Fixed: Dependency issues on Visual Termite Inspection and Pre-Purchase Timber Inspection forms

  • Missing Feature: Add a pop-up when saving an Invoice that prompts to send an email to the client or ignore.

  • Optimisation: Misc internal platform optimisations¬†

Known Bugs:

  • Bug: Performance Issues when uploading photos when filling out reports

  • Bug: Invoice Details not rendering on some PDFs

Bugs and Features being Worked on for Next Release:

  • New Feature: Toggle for recurring appointments as either Unscheduled or Scheduled

  • New Feature: RSA Forms for Reporting

  • Missing Feature: Increasing range for unscheduled appointments to allow for longer periods


Accounting: We encourage users to sync their accounting data (if linked) to ensure our new optimised syncing is working correctly. If users have previously had issues, this may fix those issues.

RSA Forms: In our next release we will be releasing RSA reporting forms for use. Please be aware that you must contact Steve Allen from RSA for approval before we can enable these forms for use. Once you have confirmed with RSA and they have received payment, we will enable the forms.

Purchase Order Reference Numbers on Invoices:

  • You may now add a Purchase Order Reference Number when creating an invoice. This will appear on the Invoice PDF under 'Purchase Order' and can be edited and will be reflected upon saving.¬†

  • The invoice creation view now shows additional fields where you can find the Purchase Order Number field:

  • The Purchase Order Number field is reflected in the Invoice details when generating the PDF and sending to your clients:

Ability to display Inventory / Line Items of Appointment Types on your Staff Runsheets:

  • You may now choose to display prefilled Inventory / Line Items from Appointment Types on a runsheet:

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