Pest Register v1.0.0

Monday 10th February, 2020

New Features:

  • New and Improved Job Scheduling and Reminder System

  • New and Improved Forms for Reporting

  • Accounting Integrations with Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks

  • Twilio Integration for SMS Reminders

Bug Fixes:

  • Numerous logic fixes for Xero accounting integrations

  • Numerous responsiveness bugs on mobile platforms

New and Improved Job Scheduling and Reminder System:

  • Advanced Job Scheduling: Create default appointment types, assign and colour-code your technicians, create recurring appointment rules and send reminders to your clients

  • Drag & Drop: Create unscheduled appointments and drag them from the scheduling sidebar onto your calendar view.

    Freely drag your appointments around and quickly resize your appointments without needing to manually edit the appointment.

    Use AutoLock to prevent appointments from being modified directly on the calendar.

  • Default Appointment Types: Take the hassle out of scheduling new appointments and filling invoice details by using Appointment Types.

    Create new types or use a default set of types to quickly prefill details on new appointments including titles, descriptions, reminders, recurring rules and invoice line items.

  • Client Reminders: Schedule reminders to be sent out to your clients via email or SMS* at specific intervals before the scheduled appointment date. *SMS reminders are provided by Twilio. Each SMS costs $0.07 (7 cents)

  • Runsheets: Send out manual runsheets to your technicians email address with a list of either their appointments, or all company appointments for specific time periods.

New and Improved Forms for Reporting:

  • Generate Reports on all your devices: Easily fill out new reports using industry standard pest forms accross all our supported devices.

    Attach images using a company file manager, add your signature, customise form branding to a company colour scheme and quickly send out a digital copy of the form to clients using Client Connect

Accounting Integrations with Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks:

  • Integrated Accounting: We take the hassle out of migrating your data from an existing financial system.

    Sync your existing clients, invoices, payments and ledgers from major providers including Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB*1. Any changes you make on our system will automatically be synced back to the provider too *2

    *1 We provide a one way sync for MYOB AccountRight and a two-way sync for MYOB Essentails
    *2 Due to the nature of different systems, we cannot guarantee that all data will be synced between the provider and system

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