Runsheets are used as a method of sending staff members their appointments for a specified time frame as a PDF by email.

Any runsheets generated for your staff account will also be visible via Files > Runsheets.

You can also view each staff member's runsheets via their Staff dialog under the Files tab.

The runsheet dialog is broken down into two separate areas:

  • The options for showing on the runsheet

  • The staff members to send a runsheet to


There are a number of options that you can specify for the generated runsheets:

  • The time interval of when to grab appointments to and from

  • Whether to display appointment notes on the runsheet

  • Whether to display prefilled inventory / line items from Appointment Types on the runsheet

  • Filter the appointments by their appointment status

Time intervals can be quickly selected using the default intervals OR you can select your own time frame. 

Staff Members

The second section lets you select which staff to send a runsheet to.

You have the options of:

  • Sending them only appointments which they are part of

  • Sending them all company appointments

  • Not sending a runsheet at all


Once you have selected all the options, confirm your selections and click "Continue" to send the runsheets off.

Each staff member will receive their runsheet by email, and you can also find the runsheets via the File Manager in the "Runsheets" category.

The runsheets for each staff member will also be available via their Staff dialog within the "Files" section.

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