The Calendar is the core element to the Scheduler, allowing users to create appointments and tasks to assign to both staff and/or clients.

To create an appointment there are 2 main methods.

Method 1:
Click the create button at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

Method 2:
Highlight (click and drag) over the time slot you wish to set the appointment.

Once you have selected your method you can then select the type of appointment you would like to create.

Then select a client you wish to attach the appointment to. If the client hasn't been created yet you can do so here. Please also see the How to create a client guide if required. If no client is required for the appointment you can skip this step.

Now you can assign a staff member to attend the appointment, if there is no staff member required you can skip this step.

At this point you can simply outline the time and location details and click create OR you can select the more options button to explore more detailed features of the appointment.

Selecting More Options will give you more flexible abilities when creating your appointments. You can add aditional appointment types, extra staff and/or clients, when staff will be reminded of the appointment, display options and the ability to update the recurring rule.

Staff Availability

By clicking on the "Staff" section at the top, you will be given more granular details for editing the staff of this appointment.

The blue "Find/Check Staff Availability" button will let you check the availability of all your staff members in this timeslot.

The "Suggestions" section will let you add any of the available staff to this new appointment.

Recurring Rule

Recurring rules are useful for weekly, monthly or annual tasks that require a recurring appointment. By default there is a recurring appointment rule set for each different type of appointment. You can change this by clicking the Update Rule button. 

Once you have set your rule you can click save to apply it to the appointment.

Future appointments that fall into this appointment's recurring rule will show up in the Unscheduled appointments panel on the right hand side of the calendar.

Don't forget to click Save to confirm the appointment.

Clicking save will also automatically check staff availability in this timeslot.

Once the appointment is on the calendar, you can right click on the appointment (on PC/laptop) to perform some quick actions on the appointment.

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