The scheduler is the heart and soul of any small business.

Our scheduler contains three main parts.

  • The left sidebar lets you quickly switch calendar views, reference/edit your appointment types and check your appointment colours

  • The right sidebar had your calendar filters and your unscheduled appointments

  • The main content area shows your calendar.

The different calendar views

Appointment Types

Appointments Types allow you to quickly prefill details onto new appointments that you create.

When used correctly, they can save you a lot of time instead of having to type in specific details each time you make a new appointment.

Learn how to create appointment types here.


The reminder system lets you create reminders for staff and clients to receive notifications before an appointment's scheduled date.

View our articles on using reminders here.

Recurring Rules

If you need to schedule an appointment to occur annually for example, then you may need to use recurring rules. The recurring rule system is very flexible for creating recurring appointments over X amounts of months, years etc.

Learn how to use the recurring rule system here.

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