To edit your form templates, navigate to Form Editor by clicking "Forms" in the left-hand navigation menu.

Select which form you would like to edit and then click on the "Edit Form" button..

Once your form editor has opened, select a section to open it.

This will display each of the fields within that section.

To edit any of the details for a field, click the Edit button at the top left.

This will provide you with categories in the sidebar for different settings for the specific field.

Design & Layout: Change how the field looks on the generated PDF

Visibility: Change conditions for when/how the field becomes visible

Answers: Change default values / conditionals for any answers you supply when filling out a report

[Field] Options: Specific options for the type of field you are editing

Depending on the type of field, the main content area will also let you change the edit of dropdown options, visible text, etc.

Remember to click "Save Form" at the bottom right to save your form.

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