Client Connect is used to link your Clients to your Pest Register account. This is then used to digitally send your clients their invoices and reports.

Please follow theses instructions to link a Client. This also includes client side instructions which they will need to perform.

To begin, create a new client or open a clients profile and edit it to include the Client Connect signup tick box.

Once you have created your signup link, the client will receive an emaill and need to continue with the following steps:

Firstly they must click the link in the email provided.

Click the "Log In / Sign Up" button.

They will have the option of logging in (if they have an account already), or creating a new one.

During the signup phase, select "Resident Account" as the account type.

If the client is alternatively a business and they are interested in using Pest Register, they can sign up as a business too.

Once their account has been created, they will be redirected back to the link page, where they can link their account to your business

If everything is linked correctly they then click the "Lets Go" button.

Along with this they will receive a confirmation email to verify their account. Its a useful reminder to provide.

Email verification only takes the click of a button from the email provided.

Now that they have been connected to your business, any files associated with your client can be shared with them.

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