Staff licences can be managed by going to Licences via the navigation menu.

Then click on the "Create" button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Now you will see a popup window asking for the information about the staff member.

Click on the search icon to browse for a previously created Staff Member.

Continue filling in any other applicable details about this licence.

Title / Descriptor: The descriptor can be a single word/sentence which tells the client / staff what type of licence this is (such as "Pest Control" licence).

Expiry Date: By entering your licence expiry date, we will send you a notification when the expiry date approaches.

If you haven't already created the staff member please visit the "Staff" tab on the menu bar.

Now that you have added the Staff member along with their license details you can upload an image of their physical license card by clicking the "Choose File" button and browsing to the image location. 

Now that all of the information is entered, you can review it and click the "Add Licence" button to complete the process.

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