To create a new invoice, click on the Invoicing menu button followed by "Create New Invoice".

You can now start filling out your new invoice.


You can fill out the description of the invoice with as much detail as you require.

If you attach an appointment to this invoice, you can automatically prefill the description box with your appointment description.

Line Items

The next section is the individual line items for this invoice.

As you type in the "Item Name" box, it will give you suggestions for inventory to use, or alternatively type as much detail as you need.

Don't forget to add in a quantity/hours and unit price for each line item!

Don't forget to add in the type of item it is and to which ledger account the payment should go to.

To add another item to the invoice click on the "Add (another) line item..." button and follow the previous step.

Tip: You can optionally add a description line by leaving the unit price and quantity as zero. On the PDF, it will print the description as a full line. (as pictured below)

Once you have finished adding your description and line items, you can assign it to an appointment and client, plus fill in any other necessary invoice fields.

When you are ready you can save the invoice at the bottom right.

If the invoice status is "Open For Payment", clicking the save button will prompt you with whether you'd like to send a copy of the invoice straight to the client, or alternatively only save the invoice (without sending).

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