Reports can be created by going to Reports > Create New Report via the navigation menu.

Now you can fill out each field and attach the relevant Client, Appointment and Licence. You can either create or search for an existing Client or Appointment by clicking on the appropriate fields.

Once all fields have been filled out, the "Next" button should turn blue.

From here, select a form you'd like to fill out.

Now you can go through the form and fill out the information.

If you need to check something else within the system, the report will be saved locally.

In the navigation menu, a orange exclamation mark will appear to denote that it is unsaved.

You can only have one unsaved report at a time.

If you want to save the report and continue filling it out later, choose "Save Draft". You can save the report as a draft at any point.

If you have filled out all the required fields, the "Publish" button will turn green.

Publishing the form will automatically generate a PDF and prompt you if you'd like to send it off to the client.

Once complete you can then view the report or fill out an invoice straight away.

Viewing the report will summarise the report and also offer a PDF download. If you need to further edit the report you can click on the "Edit Report" button.

If you saved the report as a draft and didn't finish filling it out, a red banner will display at the top of the dialog (as pictured below).

An incomplete report must be completed before it can be sent to a client.

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