On first signup, you will be presented with a welcome message and some startup options.

The first thing is to address some notices, these notices are important messages in which you need to take note of while setting up your account.

If you haven't already, please make sure to verify your email address (You will have received an email upon signing up).

Next up is Company Details, Please fill out this page as best you can to ensure your documents have all the required information in them when they are generated. You can do this later if you wish.

Note: the next few sections of the setup process are all accessible via your Settings. You may edit any of these fields later on.

You may read the in-depth articles on using Settings here.

Next is Branding, the branding will be visible on Reports, Invoices, and Summaries. You can always change this later but for now, you can select which colours you would like to use by clicking on the colour pad.

Once you have selected your branding colours you can upload your logo, click on the "Choose Image" button and navigate the file browser to your preferred logo image file. When you're done click the "Save Changes" Button.

Now its time to setup your subscription or continue as a free trial.

Now you can select which forms you would like to add to your forms library to fill out as service reports. You can do this later if you wish.

Now you're all done! Click "Go to Dashboard".

You can learn how to use the Dashboard here.

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